Top 5 UX Design Trends to look out for in the future.

UX Design Trends

The major driving factor for increasing revenue and closing sales have taken a drastic change. The generation has changed and tech savvy millenials are slowly taking over the consumer space. They demand better user experiences at every stage and your website is no different. UX will determine a lot of things about the website and the right UX will always be a better sales pitch.

Bad UX will lead to lower conversions, lower ROI and bad brand image. That’s a price you do not wish to pay. But we do accept the fact that creating the right UX is no walk in the park. How can you avert this disaster and enhance desirable UX? To be informed about the recent trends in the UX space. So here are a few things to look out for in 2018.

Mobile compatibility of UX

The most important factor in any UX design right now is having mobile compatibility. There are almost 2 billion smartphone users in the world, which is almost a third of earth’s total population. This number is growing and will keep on growing. Mobile first design speaks for your flexibility and the increasing convenience you provide to the customer.

Focus on Content

Content marketing is the only way of marketing. This is what Seth Godin told. And considering the millenials content is king. Because they love to collect as much info as possible and internet being the destination store of information for them, they will try to use the internet for maximum knowledge gaining.

And the most important note regarding content marketing is very simple. To be customer focused and not to be sales oriented. The right content will try to address some issue the customer is having, not give vague promotions. Content also has a strategy to follow and designs focused on enhancing the quality of content will garner enough traffic.

Progress Spectrum

People like to check their progress then and now. It’s a basic psychological trait and most of the websites used to do it with progress bars. Nowadays it has shifted to something called as progress spectrums. Some of the best examples for progress spectrums can be seen in online course sites like Coursera and social networking sites like Linkedin.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning can do some amazing jobs. They have the ability to think logically and create designs that are appealing to the taste of humans. Logojoy, an innovative and intuitive organization in the logo design industry has incorporated AI into their logo designing process and it’s doing some great jobs right now. AI’s logic coupled with a human UX designer’s empathetic understanding can help get some wonderful developments in the world of UX and UI.

Voice UI

Alexa, Cortana, Siri and ok google are some of the world’s most interacting VUI or Voice User Interface. Because the most important advantage of VUI is it gives the best hands free experience to everyone and the people can leverage its uses. They are a blessing in disguise for people experiencing vision problems and physically challenged people. Also VUI is the best companion for mothers who will literally have their “hands full”. VUI can indeed provide a difference in their lives.

But all said and done, UI and UX is here to stay and as far as experience goes, the only thing to do is continuously work to enhance it.